Request to (re)-join DPMT and PAPT

2020-02-28 Thread Scott Talbert
Hi, I am currently a member as swt2c-guest, but I recently became a DD, so can I please be re-added to DPMT and PAPT under swt2c. I still accept all policies. :) Thanks, Scott

Request to join DPMT

2020-02-28 Thread Luca Boccassi
Hello, I'd like to join the DPMT group on Salsa, please. I currently maintain 15 Python modules uploaded (repos are in the general debian group) that I'd like to move to the group, and most importantly I have accepted to help with existing Azure modules (python-azure, which is in the DPMT

Bug#952764: ITP: python-django-libsass -- django-compressor filter using libsass

2020-02-28 Thread Michael Fladischer
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Owner: Michael Fladischer -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA512 * Package name: python-django-libsass Version : 0.8 Upstream Author : Matt Westcott * URL : * License :