DebCond20 @ Home -- Python Team Bof & Sprint ?

2020-06-24 Thread Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau
Hello folks! As some of you might have seen, DebConf20 @ Home will be happening end of August. I was wondering if others would be interested in having a Python Team BoF to talk about ongoing work/issues (the Python 2 removals comes to my mind but I'm sure there are other discussion-worthy

Bug#963605: RFP: python-language-server -- Python implementation of the Language Server Protocol

2020-06-24 Thread Drew Parsons
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Control: block 946035 by -1 Control: block 946451 by -1 * Package name: python-language-server Version : 0.33.3 Upstream Author : Palantir Technologies, Inc * URL : * License :

Request to join DPMT

2020-06-24 Thread Michael Hanke
Hi, I would like to join DPMT, specifically to provide a Debian package for annexremote ( My salsa login is 'mih'. I have read and accept the policy document at Thanks in advance,