request to join the debian-python team

2020-09-05 Thread Joe Nahmias

I am a retired DD that is planning to rejoin and am looking to join the
debian-python team for the purpose of maintaining some new Debian
packages. At the moment, this is the Octave kernel for the Jupyter
notebook and related packages/dependencies (like metakernel).

Definitely would appreciate any feedback / suggestions / tips on these

Salsa login: jello

I have read and accept the policy at


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Bug#969620: ITP: metakernel -- Jupyter kernel base class

2020-09-05 Thread Joseph Nahmias
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Joseph Nahmias 

* Package name: metakernel
  Version : 0.27.0
  Upstream Author : Metakernel Development Team
* URL :
* License : BSD
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description : Jupyter kernel base class

Metakernel is a Jupyter kernel base class in Python which includes core magic
functions (including help, command and file path completion, parallel and
distributed processing, downloads, and much more).

It is used by numerous other kernels for Jupyter, including for my purposes the
octave kernel.

Happy to have co-maintainers and/or place it under the rubric of the Debian 
Python team.