Re: Merging the PAPT and the DMPT

2020-09-18 Thread Louis-Philippe Véronneau
On 2020-09-14 17 h 54, Christian Kastner wrote: > On 2020-09-14 09:59, Ondrej Novy wrote: >> * transferring all project from modules+applications to packages subgroup > > Has getting rid of the subgroups entirely been considered, IOW: moving > the packages directory to python-team/? > > The

Re: [DRAFT] DPMT and PAPT is DPT now

2020-09-18 Thread Louis-Philippe Véronneau
On 2020-09-14 17 h 42, Christian Kastner wrote: > Hi Ondřej, > > On 2020-09-14 10:39, Ondrej Novy wrote: >> for simplification we merged two subteams - Debian Python Modules Team >> and Python Applications Packaging Team into just one: Debian Python >> Team, DPT. >> >> All Salsa repositories are

Re: The python command in Debian

2020-09-18 Thread Matthias Urlichs
On 17.09.20 15:26, Matthias Klose wrote: > If there is too much disagreement about the > python-is-python3 package, then I plan to run it via the CTTE, and ask for an > advice how to move on. FWIW and IMHO that's a reasonable compromise. -- -- Matthias Urlichs signature.asc Description:

Bug#970533: ITP: pytest-rerunfailures -- pytest plugin that re-runs failed tests up to -n times to eliminate flakey failures

2020-09-18 Thread Paul Wise
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Owner: Paul Wise X-Debbugs-Cc:, * Package name: pytest-rerunfailures Version : 9.1 Upstream Author : Leah Klearman and others * URL :