Upcoming Breaking Changes and Roadmap for urllib3 v2.0

2020-10-03 Thread Seth Michael Larson
Hello, I'm Seth lead maintainer of urllib3. Since urllib3 is a dependency of many packages I wanted to make our downstream users aware of upcoming changes. Our team is planning on releasing a v2.0, the first release with compatibility-breaking changes in over 9 years. Here are the highlights: -

Re: Newcomers project: DPMT/PAPT pristine-tar verification

2020-10-03 Thread Sandro Tosi
attached the dd-list of the packages missing the pristine-tar branch (some may have been moved/removed, but these are actual repos in DPT) On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 12:38 AM Sandro Tosi wrote: > Hello, > i would like to propose a project to make sure our teams (DPMT/PAPT) > repos are using