Python 3.9 for bullseye

2020-10-18 Thread Matthias Klose
Python 3.9 as a supported Python3 version is now in unstable, and all binNMUs are done (thanks to Graham for the work). Bug reports should be all filed for all known problems [1], and the current state of the 3.9 addition can be seen at [2] (a few of the "bad" are false packages with b-d n

Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Jupyter project packaging effort

2020-10-18 Thread Jonas Smedegaard
Hi Julien, Great that you are improving some packages. I have a hard time understanding what you are trying to say in your post below, however... Quoting Julien Puydt (2020-10-18 09:55:27) [ long rant about how proper packaging is hard and may fail ] > Help is welcome, Did I understand

Jupyter project packaging effort

2020-10-18 Thread Julien Puydt
Hi, my first goal was to update nbconvert -- but it needs a more recent nbsphinx. So I have a look at nbsphinx. Ah, it requires a more recent ipywidgets. Now ipywidgets gets interesting : that package suffers from a lack of love, for reasons made obvious below. The purely Python part is ok,

Bug#972415: ITP: jupyter-server -- Jupyter protocol server backend

2020-10-18 Thread Julien Puydt
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist X-Debbugs-CC: * Package name: jupyter-server Version: 1.0.5 Upstream author: Jupyter Development Team * URL: License: BSD-3-clause Description: Jupyter protocol server backend It's a step