How should learning to program in Python be approached, if learning objectives are sought to be customised?

2021-08-26 Thread Susmita/Rajib
My dear Illustrious List Maintainers, Programmers and Senior members, I have been on and off my idea to self-learn Python programming. I learnt a little bit of Java programming, aided by the Eclipse IDE and Oracle Java repository, which has exhaustive example codes and object library resources,

Re: Request for review for Poetry(Was: Re: Asking for help Poetry)

2021-08-26 Thread Emmanuel Arias
Hello!!! I just push some updates to salsa Here are my comments: > > 1. d/control: > > You haven't set the Python Team either in Maintainer or Uploaders. > > Ready my bad! Also I note that some dependencies that I package for Poetry were uploaded and DPT was not the Maintainer, I'll change

Re: Python BoF at DebConf2021

2021-08-26 Thread Stefano Rivera
Hi Louis-Philippe (2021.08.14_20:01:27_+) > Sadly, I have prior engagements and I won't be able to make it. Could > someone else take on the task of coming up with an agenda and chairing > the BoF? I've taken it over, and started an Agenda:

Bug#992999: ITP: unyt -- Python package for handling numpy arrays with units.

2021-08-26 Thread Ole Streicher
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist Owner: Ole Streicher X-Debbugs-Cc:,,, * Package name: unyt Version : 2.8.0 Upstream Author : Nathan Goldbaum * URL