Re: DebConf22 -- Python Team BoF + Sprint?

2022-07-06 Thread Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau
On 2022-03-28 12 h 17, Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau wrote: > On 2022-03-26 18 h 02, Stefano Rivera wrote: >> Hi Louis-Philippe (2022.03.20_21:51:45_+) >>> I think it would also be neat to have a team sprint during DebCamp. Here >>> are a few ideas of things we could work on: >>> >>> * pybuild

Request to join the Debian Python Team

2022-07-06 Thread Julien Palard
Hello, I would like to join the Debian Python Team to package some of my projects, mainly sphinx-lint [1], but maybe also pospell [2], pogrep [3], and friends created while translating the Python documentation in french. My salsa handle is mdk. I have read the policy [4] and accept it. [1]: