packaging help request: paths for build_py and build_scripts phases

2021-10-18 Thread Jonathan Dowland


I am attempting to package the latest upstream version of "trash-cli"¹,
which differs quite a lot from the current package on the build side of

The problem occurs during the post-build test phase. The tests cannot
find the scripts they are trying to test. The build appears to be a
standard python setuptools/distutils thing and the packaging is a
standard dh --with python3 --buildsystem=pybuild. The Build runs

/usr/bin/python3 build 

Which outputs the following (elided)

running build_py
creating /<>/.pybuild/cpython3_3.9/build/trashcli
copying trashcli/ -> 


So for the build_py phase, the destination for copied files is rooted
under <>. The next build phase handles scripts:

running build_scripts
creating build
creating build/scripts-3.9
copying and adjusting trash -> build/scripts-3.9


Here, the scripts are copied to a path *not* rooted in <>.
So far as I can tell, both phases are normal parts of the
setuptools/distutils build lifecycle, and I haven't spotted anything
obviously non-standard about the way that is specified.

Where is it that the build_py phase's path are specified or overridden
such that they are correctly rooted under <>, and why isn't
the same true of the build_scripts phase?

I've pushed my WIP packaging to a temporary branch.
A BTS bug requesting the new version with some back-and-forth trying to
figure this out is

Thank you in advance for any tips you can offer!

Best wishes,


  Jonathan Dowland

archivemail: joining the team?

2014-08-20 Thread Jonathan Dowland
Hi all,

I have a vested in interested in the archivemail package. The maintainer
appears to be MIA so I uploaded an NMU today; the package has had a FTBFS (due
to a bad test) for nearly a year.

I didn't really notice until afterwards that the package was in team

Anyway, I was going to look into taking over the package before I realised
that, so instead perhaps I should join the team? I've clicked the 'join' button
on alioth.


Jonathan Dowland

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