Python policy about /usr/lib/

2022-11-04 Thread Julien Palard
ging-manuals/python-policy/ --  [Julien Palard](

Request to join the Debian Python Team

2022-07-06 Thread Julien Palard
]: [2]: [3]: [4]: Bests, --  Julien Palard

Re: Need a Python 3.8 virtual environment

2021-03-03 Thread Julien Palard
cal/bin, you can create venvs with it as: python3.8 -m venv the_venv_path [1]: -- [Julien Palard](

Re: upstream python concerns, python3-full package for bullseye

2021-02-12 Thread Julien Palard
use venv and pip in my workflow, I'll be very happy to learn better ways. -- [Julien Palard](