Re: Newcomers project: DPMT/PAPT pristine-tar verification

2020-10-06 Thread intrigeri

Louis-Philippe Véronneau (2020-10-06):
> I think the first step would be modifying vcswatcher to issue warnings for:
> * the absence of pristine-tar branches
> * missing git tags
> * repositories using 'master' instead of 'debian/master' as the main branch

FWIW, so that nobody else spends time looking for this:
it seems that the script that identifies problems and adds them to the
DB is

Here's the DB schema:

generates the frontend HTML pages.


PAPT: join request

2019-11-07 Thread intrigeri

Louis-Philippe Véronneau is in the process of adopting the
bookletimposer package (that I've been maintaining alone so far) under
the PAPT umbrella; I'll co-maintain and sponsor; therefore, I need to
join the PAPT.

My Salsa handle is: intrigeri

I've read
and I accept it.

In passing, two small issues I've spotted while reading the doc:

 - In,
   the "Policy About Maintainer and Uploaders Fields" section
   mentions an "unwritten policy". Said policy seems to have been
   written since:


  […] you'll get a "sponsor" role on Alioth.

   … which sounds outdated.


Description: PGP signature

PET users: please report {bugs,wishlist} | contributors are welcome

2013-08-08 Thread intrigeri
Hi all,

PET is a collection of scripts that gather information about your (or
your group's) packages. It allows you to see in a bird's eye view the
health of hundreds of packages, instantly realizing where work
is needed.

Last time I checked, your team was using PET. Is this still the case?
If it is, what version are you running?

We at the Debian Perl Group would like to point you to a few useful
resources about PET:

  * bug and task tracker:
- Feel free to report bugs and needed features there.
   Also feel free to provide patches!
   Did I mention that help is warmly welcome?

  * code:;a=summary

  * database dumps:

  * mailing-list:

  * IRC channel: #pet-devel at OFTC

  * homepage:

  | GnuPG key @
  | OTR fingerprint @

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