Re: Python3 modules not built for all supported Python versions

2020-03-30 Thread Johannes Schauer
Hi, Quoting Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (2020-03-30 13:24:01) > We've just finished the transition to python3.8 as the default python3 > interpreter, which was a bit difficult due to some autopkgtest regressions in > a few rdeps, and to the fact that many modules only build their extensions > for the

re: git-buildpackage to be autoremoved due to python2 transition

2020-02-27 Thread Johannes Schauer
Quoting peter green (2020-02-27 22:54:19) > > Relevant packages and bugs: > > 943107 git-buildpackage: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye > This bug is not marked as rc. > > Nevertheless I believe that this bug report is in-fact a false positive. From > what I can tell git-buildpackage, even in

Request to join the Debian Python Modules Team

2019-02-04 Thread Johannes Schauer
Hello, I want to upload a new upstream version of src:construct because I intend to package python-miio (#921345) which requires a newer upstream version of python3-construct and the last upload to the latter was in 2017. I'm already part of the PAPT team, so maintaining python-miio there will be