Re: sponsor uploading python-discogs-client_2.3.5-1

2020-12-14 Thread jojo
On 11.12.20 10:03, jojo wrote: Hi, I updated a team-maintained package and am looking for an upload sponsor. This one: I already uploaded the package to my webserver:

sponsor uploading python-discogs-client_2.3.5-1

2020-12-11 Thread jojo
to do it yet. Just so you know. thanks in advance! Jojo

Re: joining team / salsa access

2020-07-17 Thread jojo
On 16.07.20 15:01, Jojo wrote: Hi, I'd like to join the debian python modules and application teams to be able to push my gbp packing sources to I've read and understood Packages are: - python3-discogs-client (using pristine tar)   source

joining team / salsa access

2020-07-16 Thread Jojo
/bugreport.cgi?bug=960698 zigo was helping/mentoring the packaging and is about to do the final reviews and ftp uploads. thanks a lot Jojo

Re: packaging DiscoDOS - a cli tool for vinyl DJs

2020-05-18 Thread jojo
Hi Thomas, On 15.05.20 18:55, Thomas Goirand wrote: On 5/15/20 5:43 PM, jojo wrote: Hi, I'd like to join the list because I think my software is a valuable addition to the debian universe, my ultimate goal would be to bring it into Ubuntu Studio because it is music-related. I really think

packaging DiscoDOS - a cli tool for vinyl DJs

2020-05-15 Thread jojo
discuss stuff when I am on the list :-) thanks in advance, all the best Jojo