Re: Bug#962574: ITP: dephell -- project management for Python

2020-07-09 Thread Nicholas D Steeves
Hi Scott, devel, and Python team,

Nicholas D Steeves  writes:

> Control: block -1 by 962574
> Tomlkit seems to be required for self-tests.

Thank you for taking care of tomlkit so quickly!  I wish I had more time
and energy to make faster progress with DepHell.  Today I discovered it
appears to require packaging 14 dephell-.* modules, listed here:

so it's going to be a while (months) before I complete this ITP (which
blocks my solution for converting pyproject.toml to for fissix
and thus Bowler).  If anyone would like to help out with the dephell-.*
dependencies to speed this process along, please go ahead, and let me
know if you'd like a comaintainer/second Uploader.  Failing that, I'll
get to it as soon as I can :-)


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Bug#962574: ITP: dephell -- project management for Python

2020-06-09 Thread Nicholas D Steeves
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Nicholas D Steeves 

Package name: dephell
Version : 0.8.3
Upstream Author : Gram 
License : MIT (declared, but probably Expat)
Programming Lang: Python
Description : project management for Python

 DepHell Project management for Python
   * Format agnostic: supports, requirements.txt, Pipfile, poetry.
 DepHell converts between them at any time.
   * All-in-one-solution: manage dependencies, virtual environments, tests,
 CLI tools, packages; generate configs; show licenses for dependencies;
 assist with security audits; get download statistics from PyPI; search
 packages, and much more.
   * Smart dependency resolution: manages dependencies, resolves, and enables
 locking of dependencies that pip missed.
   * Asyncio based: optimised network and filesystem requests.
   * Multiple environments: facilitates the use of multiple environments per
   * Release tools: provides build, test, version upgrade, and upload helpers.

When I imported the latest version of Fissix, I discovered that it had
migrated to pyproject.toml.  I asked #debian-python about what the
status of Debian tooling is for this format, and had a good discussion
with ScottK.  My immediate motivation for packaging DepHell is to
convert Fissix's pyproject.toml to to expedite the completion
of its ITP.  I also wonder if it might be useful within a dh_python

It's highly likely this software will be useful to the general Python
developer community, and I plan to maintain it in either the DPMT or
PAPT, as appropriate.  Please comment on this!

If anyone on the DPMT or PAPT would like to comaintain this package,
please let me know, and I'll add you to Uploaders without delay.

I will require a sponsor for the initial upload.