Re: How to convert a git repo to git-dpm

2015-10-06 Thread Julien Puydt
Hi, Le 05/10/2015 20:27, Julien Puydt a écrit : (3) git-dpm init ../foo_version.orig.tar.gz (start using git-dpm) That point takes actually longer, because one needs to have the tarball around ; this is now wishlist bug #801086 against git-dpm (

How to convert a git repo to git-dpm

2015-10-05 Thread Julien Puydt
Hi, I would like to open a nice thread to discuss the "problem" of packages already managed in git, but not with git-dpm. To start the discussion, I'll describe how I did things and what I did to "convert" a repository. My usual way to use a repository is doing things like: gbp import-orig