Re: Joining the DPMT and PAPT teams

2018-06-07 Thread Ondrej Novy

2018-06-06 12:19 GMT+02:00 Stephen Kitt :

> I would like to join the teams...

welcome :)

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový

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Joining the DPMT and PAPT teams

2018-06-06 Thread Stephen Kitt

I would like to join the teams, at least to maintain PyQtCharts
( I also maintain the Python modules
python-evdev and python-libevdev, and the Python applications solaar,
ratbagd/libratbag, and perhaps others I’m forgetting right now. Some of those
have an upstream branch which corresponds to the real upstream branch rather
than imported tarballs, which I understand goes against the Python team’s
policy, so I’m not sure whether they’d be suitable for migration to team
maintenance; but I’d be happy to discuss that.

I read the policy before Alioth was shut down, and accept it (for packages
which I would maintain under the team umbrella).

My Salsa login is skitt.



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