Re: Request to join python-modules team

2006-07-07 Thread Raphael Hertzog
Hi, On Wed, 05 Jul 2006, Jeremie Corbier wrote: I'd like to join the python-modules team in order to maintain mmpython[1] and possibly help with other packages. My Alioth login is toadstool-guest. Welcome to the group! You have been added. You'll have commit rights tomorrow. Cheers, --

new policy with only-one-python-script package

2006-07-07 Thread Carlos Z.F. Liu
Hello, My gnochm package contain only one python script under /usr/bin, no modules, no extensions. So I don't need python-support and python-central. If pycompat=1, dh_python will replace ${python:Depends} with python (= 2.3), python ( 3); If pycompat=2 without pyversions setting, it will be