Compiled bytecode installed, because test suite was run

2016-04-11 Thread Ben Finney
Howdy all, I am packaging a code base, which has a test suite. The compiled byte code from the test suite run, is being collected when Pybuild discovers the resulting Python packages. As far as I can determine, these steps are occurring: * Pybuild runs the upstream test suite * which imports

Re: CPython hash randomization makes some Python packages unreproducible

2016-04-11 Thread Barry Warsaw
On Apr 09, 2016, at 08:11 PM, Julien Cristau wrote: >FWIW I think that's a bad idea. A number of packages run their test >suite at build time, and running the tests with hash randomization >enabled seems to me like something we shouldn't give up. Completely agreed. Although we're in the long