Bug#940242: RFP: python-timecode -- Python Module for SMPTE Time Code Manipulation

2019-09-14 Thread Carlo Stemberger
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist * Package name: python-timecode Version : 1.2.1 Upstream Author : Erkan Ozgur Yilmaz * URL : https://pypi.org/project/timecode/ * License : MIT Programming Lang: Python Description : Python Module for SMPTE Time Code

Re: Streamlining the use of Salsa CI on team packages

2019-09-14 Thread Thomas Goirand
On 9/13/19 11:08 PM, Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau wrote: > On 19-09-13 05 h 57, Thomas Goirand wrote: >> On 9/5/19 7:40 AM, Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau wrote: >>> Hello folks! >>> >>> I'd like to propose we start using Salsa CI for all the team packages. I >>> think using a good CI for all our packages

Packages depending on python-testtools are now RC: is bzr still a thing?

2019-09-14 Thread Thomas Goirand
Hi, As I wrongly thought python-extras was used only by OpenStack stuff, I removed Python 2 support for it. Then someone filed a bug against python-testtools (ScottK, I believe) saying that it became RC. Therefore, I went ahead and removed Python 2 support for testtools, but now, this implies

Re: should Debian add itself to https://python3statement.org ?

2019-09-14 Thread Drew Parsons
On 2019-09-12 22:46, Drew Parsons wrote: https://python3statement.org/ is a site documenting the projects which are supporting the policy of dropping Python2 to keep Python3 only. The site is designed for python packages specifically, to have only Python3 supported by end of 2020. But it seems