dh-python does not stop if there is error during the byte-compiling

2019-10-06 Thread PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel
Hello, in one of my package (pymca), there is a syntax error like this. byte-compiling /builds/science-team/pymca/debian/output/pymca-5.5.2+dfsg/debian/python-pymca5/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PyMca5/Object3D/Object3DPlugins/ChimeraStack.py to ChimeraStack.pyc File

RFS: python-panflute/1.11.3~git20190912.0.6df0a34-4 [ITP] -- Idiomatic Python interface for writing Pandoc filters

2019-10-06 Thread Branen Salmon
Hello, all-- I've packaged python-panflute, an Pythonic API for writing Pandoc filters. It's similar to python-pandocfilters, which is already maintained by the Python Module Team, so I wanted to bring it to the team's attention before I filed a general RFS. (If the team decides to adopt it,