Bug#960308: RFP: python-vipaccess -- A FLOSS Symantec VIP Access application

2020-05-11 Thread Joe Nahmias
Package: wnpp Severity: wishlist * Package name: python-vipaccess Version : 0.13 Upstream Author : Daniel Lenski * URL : https://github.com/dlenski/python-vipaccess * License : Apache2 Programming Lang: Python Description : A FLOSS Symantec VIP Access

request to join the debian-python team

2020-09-05 Thread Joe Nahmias
Hello, I am a retired DD that is planning to rejoin and am looking to join the debian-python team for the purpose of maintaining some new Debian packages. At the moment, this is the Octave kernel for the Jupyter notebook and related packages/dependencies (like metakernel). Definitely would

delete new/empty octave_kernel salsa repo

2020-09-30 Thread Joe Nahmias
Hello DPT, Would someone with owner access for the DPT group on salsa please delete the new/blank octave_kernel repo [Project ID: 54132] I just created in error. I should have used a dash rather than an underscore... Much appreciated, --Joe signature.asc Description: PGP signature

status of python-cx-oracle in Debian?

2021-11-19 Thread Joe Nahmias
Hello, I am currently in need of the cx_Oracle python module. I see the salsa repo [0] is gathering dust at the moment... Are you still working on packaging it for Debian? Would it be okay if I took over and worked on it under the Debian Python Team? BTW - I note that since it requires the

missing commits in Salsa for metakernel

2022-05-17 Thread Joe Nahmias
Hi Michael, I see that you uploaded metakernel 0.27.5-3 to unstable on Tue, 19 Oct 2021 18:16:35 +0200. Thank for taking care of this! However, I don't see the relevant commits and tags pushed to the repo on salsa[0]. Would you please push your tree so that we have the full history. Thanks,