bwbasic_2.20pl2-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED

2005-03-20 Thread Debian Installer
Accepted: bwbasic_2.20pl2-6.diff.gz to pool/main/b/bwbasic/bwbasic_2.20pl2-6.diff.gz bwbasic_2.20pl2-6.dsc to pool/main/b/bwbasic/bwbasic_2.20pl2-6.dsc bwbasic_2.20pl2-6_i386.deb to pool/main/b/bwbasic/bwbasic_2.20pl2-6_i386.deb Announcing to Closing

Processed: Bug #279702 ITA: lingoteach packages

2005-03-20 Thread Debian Bug Tracking System
Processing commands for [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Package: lingoteach-ui,lingoteach-lesson,lingoteach-sound Unknown command or malformed arguments to command. retitle 279702 ITA: lingoteach-ui,lingoteach-lesson,lingoteach-sound Bug#279702: dummy bug to keep the lingoteach packages out of sarge

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2005-03-20 Thread Irving X. Diehl
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2005-03-20 Thread Preston Wayne
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2005-03-20 Thread Kaitlyn X. Yankovic
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