Re: Uploading linux (6.0.8-1)

2022-11-11 Thread Florian La Roche
Hello Salvatore,

wouldn't it make sense to move newer 6.0.x kernels also faster into
the testing branch in addition of the unstable branch?
Usually they fix quite a few regressions and overall mostly good stable updates.

Thanks a lot for the great work on current upstream kernels for Debian,

Florian La Roche

Uploading linux (6.0.8-1)

2022-11-11 Thread Salvatore Bonaccorso

I would like to upload linux version 6.0.8-1 to unstable later today.
It includes a rebase to 6.0.8 stable release and including fix
CVE-2022-3628 and closing Debian bugs #1023450 and #1023726.

An ABI bump is included.

Additional changes are:

   * [x86] drivers/platform/x86: Enable GIGABYTE_WMI as module
 (Closes: #1023613)


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