Existing books on debugging ?

2003-08-18 Thread Gabor Szabo
There was a recent thread about testing books on the perl-qa list. http://lists.cpan.org/showlist.cgi?name=perl-qa (which is not in the archive for some reason but you can see it in the news feed) http://nntp.x.perl.org/group/perl.qa/2073 I'd be glad to hear your opinion about similar books

[debugger] break on watch ?

2003-11-03 Thread Gabor Szabo
I am looking in either the built in debugger or ptkdb. Is there a way to set a 'floating' break point that will stop the code execution when the value of a variable changes ? Or when the value of a variable receives a certain value ? Better yet when a hash changes ? The point is that I don't

[debugger] finding deep recursin

2004-01-10 Thread Gabor Szabo
Any idea how can I use the debugger to find the cause of a deep recursion in my code ? Gabor

Re: begginer question

2004-03-14 Thread Gabor Szabo
Hi Mike, you can either try to run the scripts from the command line perl -d myscript.pl or you try using another debugger: For example install Tk and the Devel::ptkdb module. Then read the CGI section of perldoc Devel::ptkdbd Gabor

Re: Watching all variables in a specific namespace?

2004-10-11 Thread Gabor Szabo
On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, Yuval Yaari wrote: And more importantly, how can I watch array changes, hash changes, etc? Not the perfect solution but for a specific simple array or simple hash I'd put a watch on some expression that represents the whole array or hash: w join :,@a w join :,%h for