Re: Two debugger related questions...

2004-11-24 Thread Peter Scott
 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Nobody Imparticular) writes:
2) I like '' and 'dumpValue'.  so, i set up
an alias as such:

$DB::alias('list'} = 's/^list

but, then when i do a list %foo it gives me an error
that list is not recognized.  it should convert that
to ::debugValue (\%foo).  yes, i 'require'
as well.

Okay, I'll bite: what's wrong with the 'x' command?

Peter Scott
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Re: Two debugger related questions...

2004-11-23 Thread Greg Matheson
On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Nobody Imparticular wrote:

 1) my readline key support in the debugger seems to be
 gone.  ...
 ReadLine is there.  

Don't you need Term::ReadLine::Gnu or Term::ReadLine::Perl

For some reason, Term::ReadLine::Perl doesn't come up on a CPAN search.
I hate the capitalization of L in ReadLine and the lower casing
of GNU in Gnu, in Term::ReadLine::Gnu, but I remember it
compiling on cygwin, where Term::ReadLine::Perl wouldn't.

Greg Matheson, Taiwan