Re: [Declude.JunkMail] No one at Declude?

2013-04-03 Thread Christopher Jaime
This got me thinking... There's not much about Declude itself that requires updates On this page there is mention of updating the AVG license key: I'm wondering what the next expiration date is for AVG... I guess if AVG is an annual update, we'll

Re: [Declude.JunkMail] WhiteListing Isses

2008-12-05 Thread Christopher Jaime
David Barker, As a feature request, is it possible to add an option AUTOWHITELIST ON to ignore a user's self added email address in their address book? - Chris J. - Original Message - From: Michael Jaworski [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Monday, December

Re: [Declude.JunkMail] method for reducing CPU load

2006-11-28 Thread Christopher Jaime
This is an excellent suggestion. I can't wait to see it implemented. In the mean time, it's worth taking a look at WeightGate.exe (FREE). I am personally using it with Message Sniffer and invURIBL with great