[Declude.Virus] Declude 4.10.78 Interceptor Available

2011-08-10 Thread David Barker
Please contact supp...@declude.com if you need assistance with your upgrade. Version Part Type Change 4.10.78 AVG FIX Update AVG Key license key Exp=2012-04-10 4.10.77 AV ADD Fixed virus emails being deleted instead of being held in the virus directory, problem was introduced with

[Declude.Virus] automated response

2011-08-10 Thread Daniel Slentz
Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office, with limited access to e-mail. I will be returning on Thursday, August 11th. If you have an urgent issue, please contact Bill Slentz at ad...@oasisol.com or 1-800-784-4091. Daniel Slentz Network Engineer Oasis Online --- This