Re: [Declude.Virus] OT - looking for a command line email tool - with attachments

2009-05-12 Thread Mario Antonio Garcia
Alex, Blat is a good one: M.A. Hirthe, Alexander wrote: Hello, can anyone help me? I'm looking for a command line tool to send mail (within our company) including an attachment. (I want to forward the incoming fax to the inbox of the user :) I can

Re: [Declude.Virus] Declude Interim Version 4.6.33 Available

2009-05-21 Thread Mario Antonio Garcia
decludeproc_IM.exe pcre3.dll 4) rename decludeproc_IM.exe to decludeproc.exe Is this procedure right? Regards, Mario Antonio Garcia Webjogger Internet Services Linda Pagillo wrote: Good afternoon everyone. As you are probably aware, we previously had you disable your FILTER-SCAM and FILTER-SPAM