[Declude.JunkMail] Upgrade 4.6.35

2009-08-12 Thread David Barker
A reminder that we request all Declude installations to be upgraded to Declude 4.6.35. Changes to the AVG license key on installations prior to Declude 4.6.35 means that earlier versions of Declude will no longer be receiving AVG updates. To find the current version of your Declude, open the

[Declude.JunkMail] Upgrade 4.6.35 AVG not scanning - FIX

2009-06-01 Thread David Barker
If your AVG is not scanning emails, please upgrade immediately to 4.6.35 which is available from the Declude website. If you are unsure whether this means you, we suggest you upgrade, if you need any assistance in this matter please contact supp...@declude.com David Barker VP Operations