Re: [DUG]: Them screen/component sizing blues...

1999-03-25 Thread Peter Hyde

Simon wrote:

 weekend on my Phillips "Brilliance" 15 inch, 800 x 600 screen. When I
 installed it at work on Monday the form was still 800 x 600 in size (and
 therefore sitting in the middle of the screen), but all the components
 appeared to have shrunk. They still looked ok (with everything in the

You're not using Large Fonts on one or other of these machines, 
and Small on the others are you? It may have a bearing...


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RE: [DUG]: Them screen/component sizing blues...

1999-03-25 Thread Grant Black

 Hi team.
 We're developing our new software on 20 inch monitors 
 (mmm...nice) running in 1024 x 768 resolution, high color (15-bit
according to the 
 screen driver software - strange, huh). 
Well if you don't want the hassle of 20" VDU's I am very happy to take
them off your hands g.  15-bits is not too strange - 5 bits for each
of the RGB channels and a bit left over - usual for transparency.   

 Now I'm not concerned about resizing components to fit within 
 a form which is made bigger or smaller on the fly. If our users are 
 running in 800 x 600 mode there will be no need to change the form
size at runtime.
Check the Delphi Super Page - I have seen components that automatically
handle difference screen sizes (and font sizing). 
 What concerns me is that I set a control.height to 25 pixels 
 on my 800 x 600 screen at home, and when I put it on my 1024 x 768
screen at 
 work it had shrunk to 21 pixels (according to the object inspector).
Am I 
 nuts ? Is Borland/Inprise nuts ? Is this a Windows problem that will 
 only be solved when little Melinda Gates takes over the company from
daddy ? 
 Or is there some kind of rationale behind this crazyness ?
Windows (since 3.0 at least) sets control sizes on the basis of font
size (I have never worked out why).  If your users run large fonts or
small fonts then all your controls resize out of alignment (yukkky).
Luckly most users running large fonts have worked out that about every
app they use looks ugly, so 90% or users have the default font size on.

The real skill of course is to have a nice UI that scales well -
Borland, MS etc still fustrate me by continuing to use fixed size
dialogs  list boxes in places.  Nothing worse than looking at a long
directory listing of long file names in a fixed dialog that looks like
it was set up to view 8 char file names.

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