[libreoffice-design] Agenda for the design/UX meeting 2018-Oct-17

2018-10-16 Thread Heiko Tietze
Hello all, here is the agenda for the design/UX meeting tomorrow, Oct/17th. Tickets * Backspace as the primary key for removing bullet points and tab indent (Writer) + https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=120399 + WFM, see c2,c3 * Introduce UNO command to edit

Re: [libreoffice-design] Requirements for extension site

2018-10-16 Thread Heiko Tietze
On 10/16/18 12:05 AM, toki wrote: > ... Many thanks for your comments; me needs some time to understand everything in detail. Just two general remarks: The document consists of a copy from the old discussion taken from GDrive to our LOOL instance (not all comments are mine) and a new part on

[libreoffice-design] New tool for compare files .odt

2018-10-16 Thread swojskichlopak
Can you create tool for compare two files .odt ? Can you create tool which can in tree view shows two folders with .odt files and mark indent files ? Thanks. -- To unsubscribe e-mail to: design+unsubscr...@global.libreoffice.org Problems?