[Bug 1891767] Re: Nautilus does not show video thumbnails

2021-02-11 Thread Joachim Schwender
nautilus starts thumbnailer, but this times out: 49547 ?Sl 0:01 \_ /usr/bin/nautilus --gapplication-service 49596 ?S 0:00 \_ bwrap --ro-bind /usr /usr --ro-bind /etc/ld.so.cache /etc/ld.so.cache --ro-bind /bin /bin --ro-bind /lib64 /lib64 49597 ?S

[Bug 1779476] Re: Ubuntu 18.04: gdm3 does not switch to graphics after update

2018-07-26 Thread Joachim Schwender
I noticed similar effect with very recent (4.17) kernels. In 4.16.8 there were changes in random.c due to a security flaw. The function that detects "having enough entropy" is now strictly blocking. In the early boot phase this is bad on any machine without enough entropy sources. The kernel has 3