[Bug 1774132] [NEW] [Bionic]udev stop notifying when network interface added

2018-05-30 Thread Talat Batheesh
Public bug reported: Expected: After a network driver restart, the network interfaces are deleted and added again, the udev should notify that new interface was added. then the interface service should be started accordingly. Actual: Udev doesn't notify about that new interface is added and the

[Bug 1672144] [NEW] ifup service of network device stay active after driver stop

2017-03-12 Thread Talat Batheesh
Public bug reported: The network device systemd service stay active after unload the module of this network device, that call close port (ndo_stop). once we try to load the NIC driver again, it try to start the ifup service of his NICs and due to the service is already up, so it fail and we