[Bug 1894097] Re: Unable to switch from HSP to A2DP on BOSE blutoot headphones

2020-09-06 Thread Vonschutter
My apologies for the size of the log. This is the output for the last boot and forward til today? I have compressed it to save space, but once inflated its is 800 mb. ** Attachment added: "jounalctl log."

[Bug 1894097] [NEW] Unable to switch from HSP to A2DP on BOSE blutoot headphones

2020-09-03 Thread Vonschutter
Public bug reported: I have a Bose NC 700 pair of headphones. The device works correctly with Android and Windows (al be it more cumbersome and confusing in Windows). Device: Firmware 1.5.1-9303+d287f23 GUID: 5c097385-cd87-d8dd-bab9-4c726a0ac560 I am available to test. Problem 1: I am

[Bug 1773634] [NEW] Nutilus can't delete folders on samba share

2018-05-27 Thread Vonschutter
Public bug reported: When deleting folders (only) on a samba share, the folders re appear after view/refresh. They were never deleted even though initially the folders seemed to be. Same share, same credentials, are able to delete the folders successfully from windows and older versions of

Re: [Bug 425335] Re: glchess crashes whe 3d enabled

2009-09-07 Thread Vonschutter
Ok thank you.. it does not crash now... but it behaves irrationally. Screen is not updated on resize etc. Compositing perhaps... intel driver. Kind regards Stephan | Stephan Schutter | Cell: +1 651 353 2457 Skype: Stephan Schutter Email: stephan.schut...@gmail.com IM: