[Bug 1753525] Re: Wacom tablet not recognized in Settings > Devices

2020-07-15 Thread e-fernbach
on Jul 16 2020 I still have the same problem. The pad is perfectly recognized when using terminal commands but not detected in the device dialog under settings>devices>Wacom Tablet. When I hit Test your settings I can input but have to use high pressure. I did install the most recent drivers

[Bug 1774957] Re: Network icons in status menu disappearing

2019-03-23 Thread e-fernbach
Ubuntu 18.04.2 Gnome had the problem described above, followed #23 and now my Xserver doesn't work anymore. I am stuck at a terminal. -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu Desktop Bugs, which is subscribed to gnome-shell in Ubuntu.

[Bug 1759462] Re: Keyboard shortcuts not operational on 18.04

2018-10-12 Thread e-fernbach
have the problem mentioned above, some shortcuts work some don't in particular ctrl-alt-t for opening a terminal, ctrl-alt-c in libreoffice. What I observe is: ctrl-alt switches input source (I have two keyboards layouts defined en and de) although in the shortcut settings in settings the