[Bug 1499671] [NEW] Better usablity for ctrl-f, then go to next match

2015-09-25 Thread Thomas Guettler
Public bug reported: Searching the next match with gedit makes me crazy. I press Ctrl+F The search input box opens I enter foo There is a match for foo. Nice Up to now everything is sane I want to search the next match (with keyboard, not mouse): How? For me Enter

[Bug 113338] Re: Cannot close a tab in Gedit by middle clicking the tab bar

2015-09-01 Thread Thomas Guettler
Closing a tab with the middle click works in thunderbird and firefox. Please support this in gedit. Usability counts -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu Desktop Bugs, which is a bug assignee. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/113338 Title: Cannot close a

[Bug 193993] Re: gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader fails if chunksize is large

2008-12-09 Thread Thomas Guettler
I (the original reporter) could not reproduce this anymore. I just tried it with 2.12.1-0ubuntu1 and no exception occured. I close this bug. ** Changed in: pygtk (Ubuntu) Status: Incomplete = Fix Released -- gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader fails if chunksize is large