Re: [VOTE] apr-1.6.5 release

2018-09-11 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Le 10/09/2018 à 23:22, William A Rowe Jr a écrit : Please cast your votes on the following release candidate found at (note is generating sha256+sha512, all in coreutils format.) Release apr-1.6.5   [  ] +/-1 This vote will conclude at 5pm EDT

Re: svn commit: r1839755 - in /apr/apr/trunk: include/apr_json.h json/apr_json.c json/apr_json_decode.c

2018-08-31 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Le 31/08/2018 à 16:17, Eric Covener a écrit : On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 10:04 AM Yann Ylavic wrote: On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 3:29 PM William A Rowe Jr wrote: I presume you are subscribed to the commits list, which broadcasts our CI results? Hmm, I'm supposed to be subscribed to commits@ list

Re: buildbot failure in on apr-x64-macosx-trunk

2018-08-26 Thread Christophe JAILLET
I got twice this kind of messages after commit that should be doxygen only related. Is it expected or do I do something wrong? CJ Le 26/08/2018 à 13:59, a écrit : The Buildbot has detected a new failure on builder apr-x64-macosx-trunk while building . Full details are

Re: svn commit: r1839047 - in /apr/apr/branches/1.7.x: ./ misc/win32/start.c

2018-08-25 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Le 25/08/2018 à 20:18, Yann Ylavic a écrit : On Sat, Aug 25, 2018 at 3:28 PM wrote: --- apr/apr/branches/1.7.x/misc/win32/start.c (original) +++ apr/apr/branches/1.7.x/misc/win32/start.c Sat Aug 25 13:28:30 2018 @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ int APR_DECLARE_DATA apr_app_init_comple * _CRT_BLOCK to

Re: Special characters in password for mod_dbd

2018-08-21 Thread Christophe JAILLET
ank you I was looking for such info and didn't found. Why so much chars left for params split? Should I fire a request or this will not be changed in future by concept? On 20.08.2018 22:14, Christophe JAILLET wrote: This seems to be mysql APR driver specific. For some reasons, in APR, i

Re: svn commit: r1832415 - /apr/apr/trunk/crypto/apr_md4.c

2018-06-15 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi, any plan/interrest in having apr_crypto_memzero() available even if APU_HAVE_CRYPTO is not defined? There are a few places in httpd and in APR that should use this safer memset'ing. CJ Le 28/05/2018 à 21:45, a écrit : Author: jailletc36 Date: Mon May 28 19:45:56

Question about patches

2015-03-16 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi, I would like to have details about the way patches should be submitted and backported within APR. The process seems to be different than the one from httpd. In, it is stated that changes do not require review and that only the bigger ones are (only)

Doxygen fixes

2014-07-19 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi, here is a patch against APR in order to fix most of the doxygen warnings. Note that I have updated a function prototype in apr_md5.h in order to match the corresponding function in apr_md5.c. s/password/pw/ I have also turned some @tip into @note because @tip is not a known keyword for

Re: my messages get queued

2014-05-17 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Must be related to: (see post around the date in the first link) There were about 9M mails to process! It was expected to take some times to recover. CJ Le 15/05/2014 14:55, Jeff Trawick a écrit : On Fri,

[PATCH] Reduce apr_[i|l|off_t_]toa memory footprint for common cases

2013-03-25 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi list, I'm currently trying to reduce httpd memory footprint. ( On my test machine, processing a request requires about 15ko in the 'request' pool. I'm trying to reduce it to only use 8k which is the minimum allocated on Linux

Speed up 'apr_pstrdup'

2011-08-08 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi, 'apr_pstrdup' can be (if not already done by the compiler...) speed up a little by inlining the call to 'apr_pmemdup'. This avoid the overhead of calling a function and remove a redundant NULL check. A proposed, untested, patch is attached. Best regards, CJ begin 666 diff_apr2.patch

Speed up 'apr_array_cat'

2011-08-08 Thread Christophe JAILLET
Hi, the function apr_array_cat could be speed up a bit by resetting only the memory that need to be. Actually, when there is not enough space in the destination table we do : - allocate new memory and set it all to 0 - copy the dst table to the new location - copy the src table after