Re: IT failures in master branch

2018-04-09 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
? Regards, Gergo On 4/9/18, 3:20 PM, "Peter Gergo Barna" <> wrote: >Hi Madhan, >I am looking into it > > > >Regards, >Peter Gergo Barna > > > > > >On 4/8/18, 6:34 PM, "

Re: IT failures in master branch

2018-04-09 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
Hi Madhan, I am looking into it Regards, Peter Gergo Barna On 4/8/18, 6:34 PM, "Madhan Neethiraj" <> wrote: >Peter - can you please look into the failure in the following integration test >in

Re: Server appears to start, but connections fail with 503

2018-02-14 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
Hi David, # I think these are the env variables: export MANAGE_LOCAL_HBASE=true export MANAGE_LOCAL_SOLR=true # Here is a script that builds and starts Atlas locally from source, it was posted to this mailing list earlier. BRANCH=0.8-incubating ATLAS_SOURCE_DIR=/tmp/atlas-source

Re: compilation error in master

2017-12-01 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
This was just my env. I had to delete my .m2 dir and then I was able to build the project. Sorry for the noise. Peter Gergo Barna On 11/30/17, 4:29 PM, "Peter Gergo Barna" <> wrote: >Hi, >I get compilation errors while building the master branch &g

compilation error in master

2017-11-30 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
, it will compile. What am I missing here? Thx Peter Gergo Barna

Is this a valid issue? ATLAS-1903

2017-07-28 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
:// My question is, is this a valid issue, I mean is this a realistic scenario in a prod env? If it is, then I shell make an attempt to fix it. Thanks, Peter Gergo Barna

Can be tags inherited?

2017-07-12 Thread Peter Gergo Barna
Hi All, I have a question about the possibility of Atlas automatically apply tags based on lineage relations. Let's suppose we have a hive table tagged as 'secret'. Can we have Atlas automatically apply this tag on all entities derived form this table, e.g. all views selecting from this table?