Re: Additional core functions for mod_lua

2012-08-07 Thread zhiguo zhao
  I write a mod_luaex[ ]  to extends
mod_lua, it support session, dbd, filter and other, so more flexible.  It
use apreq, lua-apr[ ],and merge function

2012/8/6 Daniel Gruno

 If no one objects, I'll start moving in some functions to the mod_lua
 core, starting with the ones that pertain to obtaining a static value
 from the request/server, as well as the flush and sendfile function, and
 making them part of the request_rec package. This includes the following
 (as they will appear when imported):

 r:flush() - Flushes the output buffer
 r:sendfile(filename) -  Sends a file using sendfile if available
 r.port -the port in use by the request
 r.banner -  the server banner
 r.options - the Options directive for the request
 r.allowoverrides -  the AllowOverride directive for the request
 r.started - the time the server was (re)started
 r.basic_auth_pw -   the basic auth password, if any was sent
 r.limit_req_body -  The current request body limit (or 0 for none)
 r.server_built -The time the server was built
 r.is_initial_req -  Whether this is the initial request or a subreq
 r.remaining -   The remaining bytes in the request body
 r.some_auth_required -  Whether some authorization is/was required
 r.server_name - The server name for the request
 r.auth_name -   The realm used (if any) for authorization

 This leaves the following functions still in the apache2 package -
 If you'd rather see any of them moved to the request_rec package, do say
 so - :

 apache2.base64_encode - Encode a string in base64
 apache2.base64_decode - Decode a base64 string
 apache2.md5 -   Generate an MD5 hash
 apache2.sha1 -  Generate a SHA-1 hash
 apache2.escape -URL-escape a string
 apache2.unescape -  unescape an URL-encoded string
 apache2.mpm_query - Query the MPM for information
 apache2.expr -  Evaluate an ap_expr string
 apache2.scoreboard_process -Query the process scoreboard
 apache2.scoreboard_worker - Query a worker scoreboard
 apache2.clock - Returns the current time in microseconds
 apache2.requestbody -   Fetches (or saves) the request body
 apache2.dbopen -Opens up a database connection
 (supports both apr_dbd and mod_dbd)
 apache2.add_input_filter -  Adds an input filter to the request
 apache2.module_info -   Queries the server for info about a mod
 apache2.loaded_modules -Lists all the loaded modules
 apache2.runtime_dir_relative -  Returns a path relative to runtime dir
 apache2.server_info -   Returns information about the executable
 apache2.set_document_root - Sets the document root for a request
 apache2.add_version_component - Adds a version component
 apache2.os_escape_path -Escapes a path as a URL
 apache2.strcmp_match -  Does a strcmp_match (the foo* kind)
 apache2.set_keepalive - Set the keepalive status for a request
 apache2.make_etag - Creates an entity tag
 apache2.send_interim_response - Sends an interim response (or does it?)
 apache2.custom_response -   Sets a custom response for an error msg
 apache2.exists_config_define -  Query whether a define was made
 apache2.state_query -   Queries the server for state info
 apache2.stat -  Stats a file and returns info as a table
 apache2.regex - Evaluates regular expressions
 apache2.sleep - Sleeps for N seconds (accepts floats)
 apache2.get_server_name_for_url Servername for URL purposes

 Full descriptions and examples are still available at if you need more info.

 If anyone has any other requests for internal functions they'd like to
 use in mod_lua, just speak up, I'm always happy to include more

 With regards,

Re: svn commit: r1364330 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/STATUS

2012-08-07 Thread Daniel Gruno
On 08/06/2012 11:11 PM, Rainer Jung wrote:
 On 06.08.2012 12:32, Daniel Gruno wrote:
 I can't seem to find

 - did you forget to upload it? :)
 Yes :(
 Now there.
 By the way: I updated
 yesterday, so it is pretty current.
Thanks for your work on keeping that list updated - I just spotted an
extra revision that I will include in my proposal for the LuaCodeCache
backport (provided the authz provider gets backported first, but I'm
sure we can figure that out).

With regards,

Proposed TR for this Friday

2012-08-07 Thread Jim Jagielski
I'm proposing a TR of 2.4.3 for this Friday (the 10th)... I'll
be RMing.

ARM servers for Apache HTTP web server project

2012-08-07 Thread John Mao
I wanted to let you all know that Calxeda (and a major system OEM to be named 
later) is donating a 24-node cluster of ARM servers to the ASF.  We are 
currently working with the ASF infrastructure team to get this cluster 
deployed, with a goal of getting it up and running within the next 2-3 weeks.  
We hope this will be useful in building out an ecosystem within the Apache 
community and envision it as the first set of server-grade ARM systems that can 
be purposed as a CI, build, and test cluster.

If there is any interest in getting the project to take advantage of this new 
hardware, we would love to have your help.

I'm not on the mailing list, so please CC me on any correspondence if 
interested in helping or want more information about Calxeda and our ARM-based 


John Mao

Re: Linking mod_ssl with a specific OpenSSL version (Re: svn commit: r1358167 - in /httpd/httpd/trunk: acinclude.m4 modules/ssl/ssl_engine_init.c)

2012-08-07 Thread Kaspar Brand
On 06.08.2012 22:08, William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
 On 8/5/2012 10:10 PM, Kaspar Brand wrote:
 On 05.08.2012 14:38, Guenter Knauf wrote:
 Am 05.08.2012 10:10, schrieb Kaspar Brand:
 1) use --with-ssl-builddir for linking with the static OpenSSL libraries
 in that directory (and ignore --with-ssl in this case)
 what about splitting into two arguments:
 this would be equal to what many other configure also use ...

 That's an option, yes, although the way the proposed option would work
 doesn't mirror the typical case of --with-xyz-include/--with-xyz-lib
 (i.e., add those args with -I and -L): --with-ssl-builddir forces
 mod_ssl to always be linked with the static libraries in that directory.
 Maybe --with-ssl-static-libdir would be a more appropriate name?
 Why not simply consume the installed openssl.pc?

In this particular case we're talking about using an OpenSSL build
directory, i.e. the generated openssl.pc is sitting in a temporary
location in that build tree (and when used, would output incorrect
includedir/libdir locations).