Fwd: Re: [CentOS-devel] ETA when PaaS SIG 3.9 will fix the "SerialFileGenerator starts at 2" issue?

2018-03-08 Thread Rich Megginson
When is the next 3.9 release scheduled?  If 3.9 GA is going to be a while, can we have a v3.9.0-alpha.5 asap? v3.9.0-alpha.4 is not really usable. origin-aggregated-logging CI for branch/backport releases relies heavily on centos paas sig packages - we cannot do any ci for 3.9 until this

Regarding "Two New Committee Members Needed for CentOS PAAS SIG"

2018-03-08 Thread Ogun HEPER (Dogus Teknoloji)
Hello, Regarding the thread Two New Committee Members Needed for CentOS PAAS SIG, I’ll be more than happy to be a part of the community. I’m currently working as a sofware development manager with an

Re: Design questions around Container logs, EFK & OCP

2018-03-08 Thread Mohamed A. Shahat
Thanks Aleks for the feedback. This looks promising. We're using Enterprise OCP. Does that make a difference at that level of discussion ? For the External Elasticsearch instance configs you referred to , is it possible to co-exist both ? Some Worker nodes sending logs to the internal ES, and