Re: [3.x]: openshift router and its own metrics

2019-08-15 Thread Dan Mace
are counters which were being reset across reloads. The patch was (I think) to enable counter metrics to correctly aaccumulate across reloads. As to how the image itself is built, the pkg directly is part of the router controller code included with the image. Not sur

Re: [aos-devel] optimizing go guru

2017-12-05 Thread Dan Mace
so I'm not entirely surprised. This is why vscode-go uses a variety of more optimized special purpose tools for most analysis[1]. [1] -- Dan Mace Principal Software Engineer, OpenShift Red Hat ___ dev mailing list

Re: OpenShift go client library

2016-10-12 Thread Dan Mace
Oct 11, 2016 at 9:05 PM, Clayton Coleman <> > wrote: > > Once it settles, yes. > > > >> On Oct 11, 2016, at 9:34 AM, Jimmi Dyson <> wrote: > >> > >>> On 11 October 2016 at 17:23, Tomas Kral <tk..

Re: OpenShift go client library

2016-10-11 Thread Dan Mace
On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 9:12 AM, Andy Goldstein wrote: > We don't currently have a standalone go client library. Your best bet, for > now, is to use Godeps to vendor in the same versions of dependencies that > OpenShift currently uses. > > Andy > ‚ÄčThe way we handle this for