Re: [DISCUSS] NPM / Node Problems

2017-11-26 Thread RaghuMitra Kandikonda
Looking at some of the build failure emails and past experience i would suggest having a node & npm version check in our build scripts and moving dependency management to yarn. We need not restrict the build to a specific version of node & npm but we can surely suggest a min version required to

Re: Using Storm Resource Aware Scheduler

2017-11-26 Thread Ali Nazemian
Sounds great, Simon. We will work on refactoring our design to be aligned with Metadata feature. As long as we can use the same parser, there is no technical reason that we cannot use the same feed to handle it. However, I need to check it for more details to understand how complex it would be to

Re: [DISCUSS] Upcoming Release

2017-11-26 Thread Matt Foley
Hope everyone (at least in the U.S.) had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Regarding status of the release effort, still pending METRON-1252, so not making the release branch yet. Regards, --Matt On 11/17/17, 1:32 PM, "Matt Foley" wrote: (With release manager hat on)

Re: Using Storm Resource Aware Scheduler

2017-11-26 Thread Simon Elliston Ball
The multi-tenancy though meta-data method mentioned is designed to solve exactly that problem and has been in the project for some time now. The goal would be to have one topology per data schema and use the key to communicate tenant meta-data. See