Re: [RESULTS][VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.4.0.rc2

2019-02-11 Thread Sheng Zha
Update on the issue 1. and 4.: For 1., I fixed the notice year in master branch [1]. If we are to create a new rc, the fix should be cherry-picked. For 4., MKLDNN has found the issue [2] and posted the fix in their master branch. I'm requesting that the fix be backported for the minor version

[RESULTS][VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.4.0.rc2

2019-02-04 Thread Steffen Rochel
Dear MXNet community - the result of the vote to release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.4.0.rc2 are as follows: Binding: +1 three (Carin, Indhu, Haibin) +0 one (Sheng) -0 one (Anirudh) -1 none Non-binding: +1 six (Yuxi, Aston, Kellen, Aaron, Tao, Lin) 0 none -1 none Voting thread: