Re: [VOTE] Release Apache MXNet (incubating) version 1.4.1.rc0

2019-05-02 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
+1 (non-binding) Build from source with cuda/cudnn. - All tests passed - GluonCV unittest scripts passed - GluonCV training scripts passed - No issue with python multiprocessing Best, Zhi > On May 2, 2019, at 11:34 AM, kellen sunderland > wrote: > > +1 (non-binding) > > I checked TRT

Re: [Announcement] New Committer - Patric Zhao

2019-03-15 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
Congrats Patrick! Zhi > > On Mar 15, 2019 at 10:46 PM, (> wrote: > > > > Congratulations, great to have you on board! > > -Marco > > Lv, Tao Aschrieb am Fr., 15. März 2019, 15:38: > > > Wow, congratulation Patric!

Re: Embedded World 2019 Robotics Demo

2019-02-27 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
Played with the demo closely today, and it looks awesome with the real robot arms! -Zhi > On Feb 27, 2019, at 11:03 PM, Thomas DELTEIL > wrote: > > Just tweeted two videos about it: > >

Re: [Announce] Upcoming Apache MXNet (incubating) 1.4.0 release

2018-11-29 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
Hi, I would like to bring a critical performance and stability patch of existing gluon dataloader to 1.4.0: . This PR is finished, waiting for CI to pass. Steffen, could you help me

Re: Propose to discontinue supporting Apache MXNet on Windows 7

2018-09-04 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
I have contacted some friends in industry, they claim that some controller PCs are still on win7 and have no plan to upgrade in near future, so I would strongly go -1. In terms of build system on Windows 7, MS does give warnings in VS 2015, but with compatibility mode, we can still install it

Re: [VOTE] Release MXNet version 1.3.0.RC0

2018-09-02 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
load/1.3.0.rc0/apache-mxnet-src-1.3.0.rc0-incubating.tar.gz > > [2] > > > -sz > > On 2018/09/01 22:08:48, "Joshua Z. Zhang"wrote: > > -1. Please include all 3rd party dependen

Re: [VOTE] Release MXNet version 1.3.0.RC0

2018-09-01 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
-1. Please include all 3rd party dependencies, GitHub won’t automatically do that. BTW, Per user request in forum, I found this PR( ) is not included in 1.3 rc0, I recommend to

Re: Release plan - MXNET 1.3

2018-08-07 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
I strongly suggest to track this PR in 1.3 release which fixed the usability issue for lower end machines that don’t have as large shared memory space as ec2 instances. Best, - Zhi >

Re: [VOTE] Subscribe dev@ to Github Activities

2018-07-17 Thread Joshua Z. Zhang
+1 We NEED to bring valuable discussions to a centralized place (@dev for example) rather than scattered single threads. Per filter options, there are a lot we can do to improve the SNR. Zhi On 2018/07/17 16:26:01, Sheng Zha wrote: > Hi Anirudh, > > 1. You need exactly one filter to filter