Re: Propose to discontinue supporting Apache MXNet on Windows 7

2018-09-04 Thread sebastianb
One more data point: Mathematica still supports Windows 7 (with Platform Update), and we use MXNet as a backend for our neural net framework. So I would also vote against deprecating Windows 7 support. > On Sep 2, 2018, at 7:40 PM, Marco de Abreu > wrote: > > Thanks for the data and these

Re: Should MXNet 1.3 contain a buggy version of nn.Embedding backward by default?

2018-07-24 Thread sebastianb
> As MXNet v1.3 is likely to be used a lot with Cuda 9.2 I believe the default > behavior should be changed to use the bug-free but less efficient Kernel. It would be crazy to do anything else, to be honest. Its a terrible philosophy to say to users 'you can't rely on MXNet to have correct