Fixed issues that need Target Milestone Assignment

2015-08-27 Thread Kay Schenk
If you have a BZ account, we could use some help evaluating fixed issues
for importance and assigning Target Milestones to the following fixed

Some of these are marked major but have not been merged to the 4.1.0 (to
be 4.1.2) branch. And, as Andrea has discussed before, please feel free
to use the Release Blocker flag mechanism.



“The journey of a thousand miles begins
 with a single step.”
  --Lao Tzu

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cppunit - Google Test migration and old failing tests

2015-08-27 Thread Damjan Jovanovic

I am in the process of migrating our unit tests from cppunit to Google
Test. However AOO doesn't build with cppunit and hasn't been routinely
built with cppunit for a while, which means our unit tests are in a
state of neglect, and unsurprisingly, there are many failures both
compiling and running our unit tests.

Ideally we should investigate why and fix the tests. But the APIs
being tested are complex and unfamiliar to me (eg. SVG parsing), and
would take very long to investigate properly.

I could commit changes that will just get the tests to compile, then
fail during testing and stop the build, thus forcing others to fix
them quickly :-), but I don't imagine that will go down well. So I am
taking this approach instead:



Also I am making unit tests run on every build. This way at least some
unit tests will be run, and any future regressions to tests can be
caught immediately, while the broken tests can be fixed gradually.

Everyone happy?


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