encounter error when build unoil module on Mac

2015-06-09 Thread aronsoyol
Hi all I encountered this error when build unoil module The source code cloned from github. My system is OS X 10.10.3 Could anyone help me? Best regards. Making:all_checkdll.dpobj Compiling: soltools/checkdll/checkdll.c

Buildbot: buildslave aoo_mac-mini was lost

2015-06-09 Thread buildbot
The Buildbot working for 'ASF Buildbot' has noticed that the buildslave named aoo_mac-mini went away It last disconnected at Tue Jun 9 20:39:41 2015 (buildmaster-local time) The admin on record (as reported by BUILDSLAVE:info/admin) was 'Apache OpenOffice dev@openoffice.apache.org '.

Completed Level 1 New Volunteer Module

2015-06-09 Thread Nhien Le
Hello, Just wanted to let you know that I've completed the first orientation module. Best, Nhien Le

New Volunteer Introduction

2015-06-09 Thread Nhien Le
Hello all, My name is Nhien Le, and I'm from Dallas, Texas, and just starting out with volunteering for OpenOffice. I'm eager to help out with writing technical documentation for the project, and I'm looking forward to working alongside my fellow volunteers. Best, Nhien Le

Completed Level 2 Module

2015-06-09 Thread Nhien Le
Hello, Just wanted to say that I've completed the Level 2 Orientation module. Best, Nhien Le