Re: [Discussion] Would we enable volunteers that develop extensions

2021-01-31 Thread Mechtilde
Hello Peter, I try to build the "extensions" which can be used with AOO Base like reportbuilder and mysql-connector. I also try to build the pdf-importer. IMO you nedd the whole build to get them Regards Mechtilde Am 01.02.21 um 07:46 schrieb Peter Kovacs: > I have a question. How much

[Discussion] Would we enable volunteers that develop extensions

2021-01-31 Thread Peter Kovacs
I have a question. How much willing are we to support extensions. I mean we have here a voice recognition questions, there is the reporting tool or wiki extension. We already thinking on creating repos for reporting tool or the wiki extensions. But how do we deal with those topics on the

Re: Voice to text

2021-01-31 Thread Peter Kovacs
Puh, you ask very generic. Quick answer: I do not think that the project defines this as a "core feature". See rejected references: But they are pretty old. One survived bug report survived the

Re: Problem since inställning MacOS Big Sur

2021-01-31 Thread Dylan Pham
Hello, There is a release candidate that you can test. Please see this link Choose the binary that's appropriate for your language. I've tested on my macOS 11.1 and it works fine. On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 1:55 AM Peter Gisle

Voice to text

2021-01-31 Thread Colonel Wolf Halton CBA
I run Ubuntu or PopOS at home. I want to find a voice to text extension of OOO. Is that a thing, or do I need to try and find an OS-specific app that could add the functionality to OOO? *Lt Col Wolf Halton, CTGA, PCIP, CBA* 678-687-6104 Voice/Text -- Are you having CyberNightmares

Re: Keep issues@ in bug reports [Was: Request for Bugzilla karma]

2021-01-31 Thread Marcus
Am 30.01.21 um 12:17 schrieb Andrea Pescetti: Marcus wrote: Am 26.01.21 um 22:57 schrieb Andrea Pescetti: Maybe you can find something in the Bugzilla configuration that defines the default QA contact? ... Sorry, not in BZ itself. I've looked into the admin settings but cannot find a suitable