Re: Licensing for College

2018-04-04 Thread Chuck Davis
Victoria, all Apache products are open source and freely available to use
on as many computers as you wish for the cost of a free download.
OpenOffice is available at  DO NOT pay anybody
to use OpenOffice unless you wish to support open source projects by a
donation to Apache Software Foundation.

On Tue, Apr 3, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Stevenson, Victoria <> wrote:

> Hello,
> We have 3 laptops that have been donated to our College.  We are writing
> to make sure Open Office can be used for education or business use
> without violating any licensing.
> Please let us know.
> Thank you,
> Tori Stevenson, ITIL
> Client Technologies Tech I
> Office of Technology Services
> Lone Star College
> 30555 Tomball Parkway
> ,
> S-209
> Tomball, Texas  77375
> 281-357-3788 (office)
> [image: cid:image002.gif@01D076D6.DE495090]
> LSC 20|20 “I act intentionally with no fear to inspire excellence. I put
> my trust in others, knowing we are better together. And it’s all because 
> students
> matter.”

Re: Do you offer a version of Access?

2017-03-17 Thread Chuck Davis
It's better than access.  It's HSQL.

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 1:22 PM, JZA  wrote:

> Check Base
> On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 2:20 PM, Jan Ozga  wrote:
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> > Jan Peter Ozga, MPH
> > Medical Business Exchange
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> Alexandro Colorado
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Re: future of OpenOffice

2017-01-13 Thread Chuck Davis
Toki, I'm very glad to hear SOMEBODY has imagination!  :)

It seems we've had quite a number of people coming here lately (like a
professor someplace is sending them to get involved in open source) to
state they want to get involved.  I hope they and their professors are
taking notes from your material!  You have some very good ideas.

Thanks for being specific.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 12:08 PM, toki <> wrote:

> On 01/13/2017 03:15 PM, Chuck Davis wrote:
> > but I fail to see it in my use cases.
> As far as word processing is concerned, one can make a case that since
> either WordStar 3.3 or WordPerfect 5.1, the proffered functionality is
> overkill for more than 90% of the user base.
> As far as spreadsheets go, a case can be made that for anything that
> requires more sophistication than than Lotus 1 2 3 version 4.0, it would
> be more appropriate to use R & SQLite.
> > and start rolling out really useful features
> For Write, as a starting point, incorporate the features, functionality,
> and capabilities, of both WordStar 3.3 & WordPerfect 5.1, that are not
> currently present in AOo.
> For Base:
> Step One: Include SQLite;
> Step Two: Provide a UI that non-database specialists understand well
> enough, to be able to intuitively create forms and do searches;
> Step Three: Purpose-specific addons. Templates which include Forms,
> macros, etc, that makes such obvious and easy for all to utilize. By way
> of example:
> * Project Management;
> * Genealogy Records;
> * Cookbook, including nutritional data;
> * Contact Management;
> For Calc:
> Step One: Include R as part of the core install;
> Step Two: Purpose-specific addons. Templates which include macros, etc,
> that makes utilization obvious and easy for all. By way of example:
> * Financial Spread Betting;
> * Investment Analysis;
> * Earthquake Prediction;
> ###
> Something that sort of surprises me, is that AOo hasn't worked with SVN,
> to have "Save to SVN" as a standard feature. (The extension that
> provided this functionality is completely broken for LibO, and appears
> to be broken for AOo 4.1.3.)
> "Save to SVN" might look arcane, and not useful to anybody. As a
> practical matter, it offers much better change control, and greater roll
> back functionality, than anything currently offered for any office suite
> --- if it does everything in the background, with minimal
> user-configuration and no end-user integration required.
> ###
> Project Management is the most visible hole in FLOSS office suites. In
> theory, a set of extensions and templates could provide this functionality.
> A second hole is the ability to wrap spreadsheets, documents, images,
> etc into a single package. IOW, the functionality offered by Microsoft
> Office Binder.
> > I don't have enough imagination to know what those might be.
> For the most part, you're looking at specific use-cases.
> As one example, "Print to Moon". (Explaining this requires an off-topic
> essay.)
> Built-in speech recognition would be a second example.
> Self-voicing functionality would be a third example.
> jonathon
> -
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Re: future of OpenOffice

2017-01-13 Thread Chuck Davis
Thank you, Pedro, for some specific features you use.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 9:02 AM, Pedro  wrote:

> Hi Chuck
> I'm a simple user so the code base and license are completely irrelevant to
>> me.  What IS relevant is the way the software works.  So, please, can you
>> tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?
> There are in fact a few useful features in LO that AOO does not have:
> 1) Opening/saving remote files from several sources (OwnCloud, WebDAV,
> Google Drive, etc)
> 2) Opening recent MS XML documents (quite a few show better results in LO
> than AOO)
> 3) Saving in MS XML format. This is useful for exchanging documents with
> those who can't or won't use LO or AOO, although it's true that saving in
> this format is the wrong way to push ODF (and document freedom) forward
> 4) Using fast data filters in Calc (just check/uncheck items instead of
> using the not-so-friendly Standard Filter)
> 5) Use a full window width horizontal scroll bar in Calc (this is unique
> in LO) instead of a scroll bar limited to the space to the left of the
> sheet tabs
> It's nearly half a dozen but are the ones I find really important on my
> day-to-day work...
> Regards,
> Pedro
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Re: future of OpenOffice

2017-01-13 Thread Chuck Davis
Thank you, Jonathon, for giving us something specific.  I get so weary of
LO people (and most of the media world it seems) spouting how much better
LO is but I fail to see it in my use cases.  Most of what you have pointed
out is not applicable to the vast majority of users I would guess.  I keep
waiting to see the open source world quit copying the latest gimic from MS
and start rolling out really useful features -- and, no, I don't have
enough imagination to know what those might be.

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 1:43 AM, toki <> wrote:

> On 01/12/2017 04:52 PM, Chuck Davis wrote:
> > tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?
> From a corporate POV, the two most significant differences are:
> * TSCP/BAILS classification;
> * PDF signing;
> For linguists, and users of endangered/minority languages, the most
> significant differences are:
> * LibO 5.3 more accurately displays non-horizontal writing systems than
> AOo 4.1.3;
> * LibO 5.3 more accurately displays Indus Valley writing systems than
> AOo 4.1.3;
> Neither LibO nor AOo can handle reverse boustrophedon writing systems.  :(
> For the rest of use, the most significant differences are:
> * Table Styles;
> * Swapping out custom palettes --- gradients, hashes, colours --- is
> much easier in LibO 5.3 than AOo 4.1.3.
> Semi-related, but keeping track of 500 different palettes in LibO 5.3 is
> much easier than with AOo 4.1.3.
> > LO choked (version on Linux), OO (version 4.1.2 on same machine)
> opened it perfectly and gave me
> AOo is far more tolerant of malformed documents than LibO is.
> OTOH, LibO can import from, and export to more file formats than AOo.
> I am not saying that LibO correctly imports/exports said file formats.
> > And now, I hear, they are going to add that stupid "ribbon" thingy to be
> even more annoying and counter-productive.
> I'm not sure if you are referring to MUFFIN in general, or the
> NoteBookBar in specific.
> Regardless, with a slight increase in complexity, user customization
> increases dramatically.   You have a choice of:
> * NetbookBar;
> * SideBar;
> * TopBar;
> * Sidebar with TopBar;
> * None of the above. (This requires the user to do a lot of mucking
> about in the "Expert Configuration" part of LibO. It requires even more
> time and patience to correctly configure everything to be keystroke
> reachable. I haven't tested this part out. Misconfiguration can require
> complete uninstallation of all files, then re-installing the program.);
> At least initially, use of the NetBookBar is _discouraged_. Odds are the
> only support it will see, is from third party extensions.
> Wondering how long before somebody creates a theme for LibO, that
> includes a NetBookBar. AFAIK, custom themes are not yet possible for AOo.
> > So code quantity or quality aside, what can LO do for me as a common
> user?
> The most important thing to know, is what the use-case is:
> * Do you really need an office suite?
> * Would a stand alone program be more suitable?
> If your cyberlife consists of:
> * Playing games, then GoDot is a better alternative;(^1)
> * Dwelling in spreadsheets, perhaps Gnumeric is more suitable;
> * Writing scientific reports, a TeX solution might be more suitable;
> * Creating pretty charts, R is more suitable;
> * Drawing pretty pictures, GIMP is more suitable;
> * Creating movies, Cinelerra is more suitable;
> * Animating things, do the whole thing with Blender;
> * Databases, then Python and SQLite, PostGres, or MariaDB is more suitable;
> ^1: All of the games (Flight Simulator, Space Invaders, Tick Tack Toe)
> have been removed from LibO and AOo.  However, templates for various
> games are available.
> jonathon
> -
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Re: future of OpenOffice

2017-01-12 Thread Chuck Davis

I'm a simple user so the code base and license are completely irrelevant to
me.  What IS relevant is the way the software works.  So, please, can you
tell me half a dozen things that LO can do that OO cannot do?

I recently was given a 30,000 row excel sheet to read into a database so
that I could use it with a Java front end.  LO choked (version on
Linux), OO (version 4.1.2 on same machine) opened it perfectly and gave me
a progress bar to indicate it was working.

In my experience the LO writer user interface sucks -- badly.
In my experience the LO calc interface has become almost as annoying as the
MS Excel interface.  And now, I hear, they are going to add that stupid
"ribon" thingy to be even more annoying and counter-productive.

So code quantity or quality aside, what can LO do for me as a common user?
The Google "trend" you point to seems to indicate that people in Brazil and
Arabia can't figure out how to use LOsays nothing about OO as far as I
can tell except that OO is easier to use since the rest of the world isn't
asking as many questions about it.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 12:30 AM, Nagy Ákos  wrote:

> I wrote something that is not true?
> About the trends:

Re: Merge with LibreOffice?

2016-08-03 Thread Chuck Davis
Then there is the usability issue

LO have been attempting to copy MS Office and have succeeded to the point
that in many ways it is as annoying as MS Office.

AOO, on the other hand, have maintained usability features that, in my
opinion, simply make it a better user experience.

They may have more commits but those commits are, in many instances, taking
them in the wrong direction.

That's my $.02.

Re: Libre Office Development Compared to OpenOffice Development

2016-01-15 Thread Chuck Davis
In my experience, OpenOffice is still a much superior user experience
over Libre.  I hope they don't tinker too much and destroy the
benefits by copying Excel/Word like Libre has done.  But I agree that
open source needs to take the innovation prize away from MS.

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 6:20 PM, Ryan  wrote:
> Sent from Mail for Windows 10
> OpenOffice has fallen way behind Libre Office. I understand that developers 
> are flocking to Libre but the most likely reason is, your lack of innovation. 
> I understand that it is an open source software, but you need to innovate and 
> bring attention that your selves. I would appreciate if Apache would put much 
> more effort into OpenOffice with, updates and patches and become the most 
> innovative open source software again.

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Re: interesting white paper from MS shared on the dev-de list

2015-06-05 Thread Chuck Davis
I read it too and was impressed that nobody needs the advantages.

I started a new job (where they have excel of course) and got so annoyed by
the things excel was doing I installed AOO to get my work done.


On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 7:08 AM, Απόστολος Συρόπουλος wrote:

  Joerg Schmidt shared an interesting whitepaper from Microsoft White
  Paper: OpenOffice / LibreOffice Evaluation Criteria on the dev-de list.
  I found it interesting and thought it can be of interest for others here
  as well.

 I have read the white paper (why it is called white is another story) and I
 think that it is the usual market nonsense. Microsoft is loosing money and
 they want to find a way to get their former customers back. An interesting
 comment included in this white paper is the following one:

 Microsoft Office 2010 boosts Indian IT firm's productivity by 30 percent.

 I just wonder how the prodictivity of an IT company is increased by using
 a word processor or a lousy database?

 Apostolos Syropoulos
 Xanthi, Greece

Re: FOSS Team Project

2015-02-10 Thread Chuck Davis
I have a feature suggestion for your team!

In the business world we use many spreadsheets.  Each spreadsheet has a
particular purpose.  For some the flow is left to right.  For others it is
top to bottom.  I event have some that are right to left.  The global
setting of which direction the cursor moves should be a spreadsheet setting
(and I thought it was at one time).  It is very inconvenient to have to go
into the global calc settings and change the cursor movement direction for
every spreadsheet.  And invariably, the next one I use will be the other
direction from the last one I used.  A fix for this situation would be
very convenient in the business world.

On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 1:42 AM, jan i wrote:


 we are always happy to see volunteers. I spent part of my time mentoring
 student groups like yours.

 Bugzilla should be up to date with regard of status, so if you have found a
 bug report that is already fixed, then please mark it as such.

 You will see that BZ contains a number of bugs that are:
 - not really bugs, but user errors, these need to be commented and closed
 - bugs that are unconfirmed, these need to be confirmed and commented or
 - and of course real bugs, which are confirmed and wait to be solved.

 It is super that you have already build AOO, on which platform?

 We also have a label in BZ for easy bugs which you might want to look at.

 Feel free to ask on this list.

 jan i

 On Tuesday, February 10, 2015, Logan Minnix wrote:

  To whomever it may concern,
  My name's Logan. I'm part of a team of five people that want to help out
  with Open Office. We're in a semester-long class until the end of April
  that is going to be focused on fixing bugs, getting close to the open
  source software's community, and reporting on our results.
  We picked Open Office because it's already a large, experienced community
  with lots of documentation. You guys have a very active community, and
  tough to know when to step in exactly, but I think we finally found that
  What we've already done. We have downloaded, configured, and built the
  source code. As a team, we tried finding a bug to fix, but it seems as
  though it has already been fixed. After commenting on one of the reports,
  we were then sent to this email here. So, if you have any unassigned bugs
  or issues, then we'd love to help.
  Just a little background on how advanced we are, two of us have jobs in
  programming, and all five us are seniors in a 400 level computer science
  I can't wait to hear back from you.
  Logan Minnix

 Sent from My iPad, sorry for any misspellings.

Re: Fwd: Warning from

2014-12-28 Thread Chuck Davis
I get these mails occasionally as well.  I'm using 4% of my mail box space
on google so it's not a space @ google issue.  Something is wrong on the
mail server.

On Sat, Dec 27, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Lee Fisher

 I also just received one.

 I've also received a warning from the user list a few days ago.

 Since I'm using gmail as my provider, I'm not sure how to respond to the
 warning, gmail admins should be receiving this warning if their service
 is failing.

 This email account is only used to subscribe to the openoffice and
 libreoffice mailing lists, nothing else.

 Why the warning? How to resolve things?


 On 12/27/2014 08:42 AM, Emanuele wrote:
  sorry to bother, I receive messages like the following every once in a
  while (the last one was a couple of months ago).
  Looks pretty similar to:
  I'm not sure if it is generalized or just me.
  Is there anything I can do on my side?
  Is it worth reporting when it happens?
  Best regards,

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Re: Concerns about the AOO community

2014-10-02 Thread Chuck Davis
I've seen quite a number of new people show up here lately indicating
interest coming from someplace.  If one out of 10 of them sticks and
becomes a regular contributor the project is in a very good position I

My observations regarding LO:
1)  They've copied some features from MS Office that make it equally
difficult to useIt's not as pleasant to use as AOO.  It's very
unfortunate the distributions have adopted LO in lieu of AOO.
2)  Their constant AOO bashing is a real turn-off for me and I hope
others as well.  I don't think I want their people in our camp.
3)  They seem to be very proud of getting rid of Java and replacing it
with Python.  I've looked at Python a little and it seems to me any
language dependent on indentation rather than syntax is
justdumb!  There is nothing wrong with Java -- especially now
that OpenJDK is the reference implementation and is being worked on by
every major player except MS.
4)  LO seems to have major QC issues.  The quality is definitely
several notches below where AOO rests in my experience.

These are just my observations as a long time OpenOffice user.  And
Apache has some very interesting related projects (i.e. ODF Toolkit)
that can propel ODF as a standard reporting framework as well as the
new project to read and write OOXML for document exchange.

My advice:  stay the course.  Emphasize quality and dependability over
glitz.  If developers are not attracted to AOO on those terms they're
not developers the project needs.  Those of us in business just need a
tool to get our work done and it doesn't need to be fancy -- just
dependable.  LO falls on it's face at this point.

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Re: saving work

2014-03-14 Thread Chuck Davis
What platform are you working on?

Are you working in a document that has been loaded read only?  If so your
changes will not be saved.

If you're on Linux or Mac are you sure you have write permissions on the
directory where you are saving your work?

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 9:29 AM, Etta's Gourmet Cookies

 I have open office 4.0.1, for some strange reason the program is not
 saving my work! Any way you can help me?

Re: Anything we can do about premature redistribution?

2014-03-07 Thread Chuck Davis
A water-mark on new documents that directs people to find official
distributions on the web site?  The water-mark will be taken off when AOO
is out of beta and an official release is available.  At the least this
would require those who want to just redistribute know enough programming
to make it inconvenient for them.

On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 7:37 AM, Jürgen Schmidt jogischm...@gmail.comwrote:

 On 3/7/14 4:33 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
  On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:23 AM, Jürgen Schmidt
  On 3/7/14 4:21 PM, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
  On 07.03.2014 15:22, Rob Weir wrote:
  Evidently we're already released, on some websites at least:
  How much do we care about this?   The risk, I suppose, is on
  Softpedia, that we could find a last-minute defect in the NOTICE or
  other legal files, and they find themselves distributing a package
  that is not correct.  But the practical risk there is small.
  The greater risk is to users, that we find a last-minute fatal bug
  that causes us to cancel the vote, but there are versions of the
  Release Candidate still floating around.  That can hurt the AOO
  reputation if that happened.
  I'm not sure we can prevent this from happening, and still have an
  open and transparent voting process.  But maybe there is something we
  can do to discourage it?
  softpedia is not the only one:
  I think we can create a blog explaining the voting procedure and make
  clear where we are in the process and that it is the RC of the Beta
  Or maybe a disclaimer in the voting thread email?   Next time we could
  say something like:
  Note:   All Apache releases require a vote of the PMC lasting at
  least 72-hours.  We do not officially release until after that vote
  has concluded.   We appreciate the enthusiasm of our users and 3rd
  party distributors and their efforts to publicize our releases and
  share them with a broader audience.  But we ask that you do not
  publicize a release until the vote has concluded and the vote results
  posted.  This is for the safety of the users.  It is always possible
  for a last minute defect to be reported in a Release Candidate causing
  us to cancel an in-progress vote.  in fact this has occurred before.
  So be safe and wait for the release process to conclude.
  I'm guessing that they hear about the RC from the email list, not the
  wiki, so it might make sense to put a message like this in the vote

 +1, already marked and I will add it the next time. But for this time we
 can put this text in a blog. Opinions?


  But I don't know if this would really help to avoid confusion.
  Best regards, Oliver.
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