Re: [Mwiki] a massive spam attack. Again

2014-02-06 Thread Helen russian
2014-02-07 6:22 GMT+06:00 jan i

 The configuration is changed so that only sysops can create new accounts.

A lot of thank you, Jan! You are our savior.

For last 48 hours 3 wiki admins have deleted more than 1300 spam pages
and blocked more than 800 spammer accounts.


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Re: [mwiki] IS DOWN FOR DB MAINTENANCE for the next couple of hours !!!!

2012-12-24 Thread Helen russian
Hello all.


Russian characters are damaged in the page names and in the category names.
Please look at

Look also at other names:


2012/12/25 janI
 Hi Tj.

 I have no problem with the editor tool bar ? or did I misunderstand you ?
 (see attachment)

 Wikitest is not active at the moment, because I have switches 1.20.2 to

 Jan I.

 On 24 December 2012 20:47, TJ Frazier wrote:

 On 12/24/2012 06:50, janI wrote:


 I have taken, down for a db maintenance.

 Jan I.


 I'm seeing a problem with the editor tool bar. Tried to check it out on
 testwiki, but got a 403.



Re: Request Mwiki account

2012-12-23 Thread Helen russian

Mwiki account has been created for you. You have a email.


2012/12/24 MartaPoloUsaola
 My choice of user names:

- ies.galileogalilei.alcorcon
- martadcm

 Marta Polo Usaola

Re: [proposal] manual create new user on upgraded wiki

2012-12-10 Thread Helen russian
I've verified for the new account: Testaccount. The manual
registration a new wiki user works fine:
* Email with a random password has been sent. I received it normal.
* When I first login as Testaccount with this password, Wiki offers me
change the password and shows me the form for it.
* The password is changed successfully, the login with the new
password is successfully too, but with the second trying. First Wiki
showed me LogOut page

Probably, new users have some problems when Wiki not immediately shows
the data of the user after login, but it can happen in case of any
method of the registration.


2012/12/10 janI
 Some users think they need an account just to read, but that might not be
 the case with these users.

 Helen: you have the procedure in your head, could you not simulate a new
 user, and verify it works ?

 I have no problem with the old automated procedure, as long as sysop
 understand the risk of a new spam attack (which are higher then 98%, now
 they know we can be attacked).

 Jan I.

 On 10 December 2012 18:46, helen wrote:

 Hello Jan, all.

 10.12.2012 22:33, janI пишет:

  The most efficient measure is a manual creation, and if I count correctly
 we talk about less than 10 new users in a month.

  I think the manual registration for new wiki users is not good.

 We have created 12 new user accounts since 24 November. These users don't
 make any edit on the wiki. Maybe they can't edit the wiki pages or they
 can't login or can't change a temporary password? I don't know.

 One new user wrote me: now I can't edit wiki with my new account. Other
 new user wrote: Unfortunately I have not received the email with password.
 I have checked my Spam folder.

 I have replied them but I have not result yet (no emails from them).



Re: Apply a wiki account

2012-12-06 Thread Helen russian
Hello Du Jing.

Your account Dujingbj has been created.
A randomly generated password has been sent to your email.

Write again if you have problems.


2012/12/6 Du Jing
 user name :dujingbj
 email address